Sagarin Ratings Jeff Sagarin
Bellmont (4-1) at Garrett (0-5)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Jonathon Fuelling, 10-20 in 2nd year at Bellmont. Bryan Leverenz, 3-25 in 2nd year at Garrett.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Bellmont, 67.35, 178th overall, 50th in 3A. Garrett, 48.65, 349th overall, 90th in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Bellmont lost to Heritage, 78-69. Garrett lost to Angola, 47-36.
VS. COMMON FOES: Bellmont 1-1; Garrett 0-2.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Bellmont 10-16. Garrett 16-9.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Garrett, 7-2.
LAST MEETING: Garrett, 49-44, Dec. 13, 2017.
PREDICTION: Bellmont, 58-49.
Crawford County (5-0) at Clarksville (3-3)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Jerry Hanger, 5-0 in 1st year at Crawford County, 128-85 in 10th year overall. Brian McEwen, 46-56 in 5th year at Clarksville.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Crawford County, 80.34, 66th overall, 9th in 2A. Clarksville, 58.09, 271st overall, 61st in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Crawford County defeated Eastern (Pekin), 87-35. Clarksville defeated Eastern (Pekin), 64-43.
VS. COMMON FOES: Crawford County 1-0; Clarksville 1-0.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Crawford County 10-15. Clarksville 18-15.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Clarksville, 4-3.
LAST MEETING: Clarksville, 41-40, Dec. 13, 2017.
PREDICTION: Crawford County, 61-47.
Evansville Day (3-3) at Wood Memorial (1-4)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm CT.
COACHES: Austin Brooks, 23-28 in 3rd year at Day School. Dustin George, 1-4 in 1st year at Wood Memorial.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Wood Memorial, 59.29, 256th overall, 32nd in 1A. Day School, 58.74, 263rd overall, 34th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Day School lost to Henderson County (Ky.), 56-51. Wood Memorial lost to Springs Valley, 73-55.
VS. COMMON FOES: Day School 0-1; Wood Memorial 0-1.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Day School 11-17. Wood Memorial 16-11.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Wood Memorial, 10-2.
LAST MEETING: Wood Memorial, 57-47, Feb. 3, 2018.
PREDICTION: Wood Memorial, 58-53.
Fort Wayne Wayne (1-2) at New Haven (1-3)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Aaron Rehrer, 82-97 in 9th year at Wayne. Bruce Stephens, 62-43 in 5th year at New Haven.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Wayne, 78.15, 83rd overall, 49th in 4A. New Haven, 65.55, 198th overall, 55th in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Wayne defeated South Bend Washington, 63-43. New Haven lost to Homestead, 62-29.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Wayne 8-4. New Haven 14-6.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Tied, 8-8.
LAST MEETING: Wayne, 65-63, Dec. 13, 2017.
PREDICTION: Wayne, 64-54.
Indiana Math & Science (0-1) at Martinsville (1-3)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Duke Pryor, 0-1 in 1st year at IMSA. Kip Staggs, 67-51 in 6th year at Martinsville.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Martinsville, 74.48, 119th overall, 67th in 4A. IMSA, 40.79, 386th overall, 89th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: IMSA lost to Lighthouse South, 81-30. Martinsville lost to Plainfield, 68-48.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: IMSA 2-4. Martinsville 15-6.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Martinsville, 1-0.
LAST MEETING: Martinsville, 47-38, Dec. 13, 2017.
PREDICTION: Martinsville, 82-32.
Indianapolis Riverside (1-1) at Indianapolis Herron (0-4)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Bart Doan, 1-1 in 1st year at Riverside. J.D. Douglas, 3-25 in 2nd year at Herron.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Herron, 42.24, 379th overall, 96th in 3A.
LAST OUTING: Riverside lost to Irvington Prep Academy, 57-51. Herron lost to Decatur Central, 100-49.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Riverside 6-9. Herron 11-6.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: No meetings.
PREDICTION: Riverside, 72-50.
Irvington Prep Academy (4-5) at Lighthouse East (3-5)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Kevin. Jones, 4-5 in 1st year at Irvington Prep. Lighthouse East coach unavailable .
SAGARIN RATINGS: Irvington Prep, 58.55, 266th overall, 60th in 2A. Lighthouse East, 51.32, 330th overall, 59th in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Irvington Prep lost to Central Christian, 44-42. Lighthouse East defeated Purdue Poly, 105-53.
VS. COMMON FOES: Irvington Prep 2-2; Lighthouse East 1-3.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Irvington Prep 19-23. Lighthouse East 20-23.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Irvington Prep, 2-0.
LAST MEETING: Irvington Prep, 88-47, Dec. 16, 2017.
PREDICTION: Irvington Prep, 64-60.
Smith Academy (1-5) at South Adams (0-4)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Chad Ginder, 1-5 in 1st year at Smith Academy. Trent Lehman, 5-22 in 2nd year at South Adams, 81-79 in 8th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: South Adams, 39.76, 391st overall, 100th in 2A. Smith Academy, 31.14, 405th overall, 101st in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Smith Academy defeated Christel House Academy, 79-51. South Adams lost to Fort Wayne North, 62-54.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Smith Academy 16-22. South Adams 6-14.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: No meetings.
PREDICTION: South Adams, 63-51.
Washington Twp. (3-1) at Valparaiso (4-0)
COACHES: Scott Bowersock, 105-77 in 9th year at Washington Twp.. Barak Coolman, 65-17 in 4th year at Valparaiso, 167-79 in 11th year overall.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Valparaiso, 87.24, 19th overall, 14th in 4A. Washington Twp., 65.25, 201st overall, 21st in 1A.
LAST OUTING: Washington Twp. lost to Michigan City, 45-39. Valparaiso defeated Kankakee Valley, 73-28.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Washington Twp. 6-8. Valparaiso 11-13.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: Valparaiso, 2-0.
LAST MEETING: Valparaiso, 76-45, Feb. 28, 1997, sectional.
PREDICTION: Valparaiso, 68-47.
Whitko (1-4) at Prairie Heights (4-1)
GAME TIME: 7:30 pm ET.
COACHES: Eli Henson, 24-29 in 3rd year at Whitko, 87-85 in 8th year overall. Tony Everidge, 4-1 in 1st year at Prairie Heights.
SAGARIN RATINGS: Prairie Heights, 68.32, 162nd overall, 29th in 2A. Whitko, 55.15, 301st overall, 75th in 2A.
LAST OUTING: Whitko lost to Wawasee, 59-41. Prairie Heights defeated Eastside, 68-51.
OPPONENTS' RECORDS: Whitko 14-12. Prairie Heights 7-19.
SERIES LAST 30 YEARS: No meetings.
PREDICTION: Prairie Heights, 60-49.